High Volume Machining

There are particular challenges related to the mass production of complex die cast and machined components. We have been finding solutions to these challenges since our machining centre was first implemented here in Welshpool, UK, back in 2009.

CastAlum has long been involved in the manufacture of precision automotive aluminium components in extremely high volumes. Our machine shop was established over a decade ago within our existing die casting foundry to expand our offering to our customers. In our experience, we have found that having these two complimentary processes housed in such close proximity has brought a number of benefits to the mass production of complex products.

Machining large volumes of aluminium castings requires specific equipment, skilled personnel, and finely tuned processes. These elements need to be in place in order to meet production and quality targets.

In terms of the machines themselves, our Heller H2000 machines are perfect for the job as they offer high-speed and high-accuracy operations. This allows us to meet the tight tolerances required in automotive products. They also include features to allow prolonged machining operations, which enables us to run our machine shop twenty-four hours a day, six-days a week.

Whatever machines you have though, they’re only as good as the people who keep them running! Here at CastAlum we know the value of great employees and their ever-growing skillset remains our greatest strength. Many of the engineers working in our machine shop have been with CastAlum since our inception in 2000! Given the demands of custom high volume precision machining, their ongoing support is essential to our commitment to continuous delivery. In addition, we utilise the support of our suppliers, which include the likes of MAPAL, The Fisher Leak Group, EWAB, Hexagon Metrology, and others.

Ultimately, what brings our people and the machines they operate together is the processes that facilitate our machining services. This starts for us right at the point of processing a request for quote (RFQ) as we carefully consider the design of the parts and how they can be produced efficiently, with minimal waste and machining time. The materials that are used in the die casting process, the cutting tools, and machining speeds can all help to optimise volume production.

Finally, quality control measures are built into every step of the machining process to ensure that parts meet the required specifications of our customers. After our machining process, parts are loaded onto an automated conveyor that takes them through specified secondary processes. These include washing, DMC marking, and inspection through the use of pressure testing, gauging, and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Through the use and continuous improvement of these processes, our machining centre is always aiming to reach maximum efficiency, minimal waste, and maintain the highest standards of quality. All of these elements require careful planning, investment, and attention to detail. But the reward is high volume production of machined components that adhere to international standards of quality.

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