Squeeze Casting – “the best of all worlds”

CastAlum is the only foundry in Europe to successfully operate a Squeeze casting resource. CastAlum has 3 Squeeze cells ranging from 1450 to 2000 tonnes which size DCM’s allow a shot weight of up to 20 kilos. Each dedicated cell operates with its own energy efficient Tower melting facility, obviating the opportunity for any metal segregation and minimising oxide build up.

Squeeze casting operates at similar cycle times to conventional High-Pressure diecasting. The process allows for production of parts with exceptional mechanical properties comparative with all other diecasting choices, which can be further enhanced using Heat Treatment processes.

It is ideal for productional of highly stressed parts suck as Knuckles and Chassis Mounts and provides parts generally with an increase quality standard.

Any parts under review receive a full Magma analysis of production and quality outcomes in company with a confirmation of properties that may be achieved.

CastAlum is able to concurrently engineer prospective parts to allow the best quality supply outcome and to take advantage of what light weighting is possible within required design parameters.

Squeeze Casting Process