Shotblasting in Die Casting

One of our favourite processes here at CastAlum is our shotblasting capability. This is a process we’ve continued to invest in over the years, including the addition of a new machine from Rosler in 2022.

If you’re not familiar with shotblasting in the die casting industry, this process consists of propelling small, metallic shots at high speed against a die cast component. Depending on the individual needs of the product, these shots may be made of various materials including steel or cast iron.

Why Use Shotblasting?

There are several reasons why shotblasting is used in die casting, including:

  • To prepare surfaces for further processes, such as coating or painting. Research has shown that shotblasting can improve the level of adhesion on die cast surfaces.
  • Clearing and cleaning surfaces from stubborn contaminants. This has been proved to be a more effective method that others, such as chemical cleaning.
  • A better surface finish for machining. This can help to reduce tool wear, increase the efficiency of the machining cycle, and improve the dimensional accuracy of the component.
  • To make them look nicer! Shotblasting produces a clean surface finish. We love the way our die cast components look following a quick blasting. And when combined with our in-house machining centre, the parts heading out the door look good enough to hang on your wall!
A die casting part being inspected after shotblasting

A die cast component being inspected after shotblasting

Having a Blast

Our latest shotblasting machine is a wire mesh belt blast machine from Rosler. This highly efficient solution is ideal for complex automotive die cast components. The vertical and horizontal angles of the turbines ensure that even hard to reach areas of the products are reached by the blast stream.

As a high-volume supplier, the speed of each of our processes is of great importance to us. Being able to shotblast our parts quickly after die casting, before sending them onto our machine shop, continues to prove to be a great value add for our customers.

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The side view of a Rosler shotblasting machine in the CastAlum die casting foundry

A side view of our Rosler shotblasting machine in the foundry

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