Recycle, Melt, Cast, Repeat

In line with the principles of our ISO 14001 Certification, CastAlum have continually looked to improve its Carbon Footprint in all areas of the business.

One of the key focus’s is CastAlum’s purchase strategy for raw material. We currently purchase ENAC46000 Ingot from a supplier who uses “Exclusively Automotive Recycled” Aluminium, which effectively “completes the circle” for this alloys usage.

There has also been a drive towards energy reduction & working environment improvement within the facility, which has included:

  • Voltage Optimisation Units to reduce electricity consumption
  • New LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption
  • New extraction to create a cleaner work environment & reduce emissions
  • Coupled with an effective 5S program there is an ongoing “future focus” within CastAlum when it comes to environmental policy decisions.