The People of CastAlum – Die Casting Apprentice Interview

This month we’re shining a spotlight on one of our apprentices: Josh Wren! Here’s his story of his apprenticeship journey so far.

Josh is now in the second year of his apprenticeship at CastAlum. Here’s what he has to say about his time working in engineering thus far.

“I’ve been working at CastAlum now for over a year. Initially I was offered to do some work experience here during my second year of college. I found that I really enjoyed the environment, people, and the work, and so applied a full-time apprenticeship position. I’m only in my second year here, but I’ve already worked across all the departments.

My favourite part of being an apprentice is learning everything that the company teaches me about engineering in a die casting foundry and machining centre. Everyone here is friendly and enthusiastic about facilitating my education, so I am continually being taught a lot of new skills.

We’re quickly given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the die casting method here. During the end of my first stint with the process department, I was given the opportunity to improve the cycle times of one of our die casting machines. I was able to shave five seconds off one of our jobs! That’s been my favourite accomplishment so far during my time here.

If you’re considering joining the team at CastAlum, my advice is don’t be ashamed to ask someone else for advice or assistance. Everyone here is willing to share their engineering knowledge or expertise in die casting or machining when they are asked.”

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Josh Wren - Die Casting Apprentice Interview

Josh Wren
Engineering Apprenticeship