Cooling in Die Casting

Cooling is an incredibly important aspect of the die casting process. As such, we have invested a great deal of time and research into increasing our ability to consistently control the temperature of our dies.

One of our best innovations in consistent cooling in die casting has been the invention of a system to that allows us to better monitor and control the flow of water through our dies and printed inserts. Affectionally dubbed ‘Dietanic’ by our engineers, this tool has been instrumental in allowing us to achieve our industry-leading results.

Why not just use flow meters?

One of the advantages of Dietanic is that is means we are not solely reliant on a digital reading from flow meters. We have security that what the flow meters are reporting is a true representation of what is happening. In the past we have had flow meter sensors become contaminated and give false readings. Dietanic provides us with a visual representation of what is actually happening.

Fine-tuned die casting cooling

Aside from just monitoring, we also have the ability to adjust the flow of water through each circuit, thus allowing us to finetune the temperature of the inserts. This control over the water-cooling channels means we can achieve a consistent temperature across the die and protect the tooling from thermal imbalance.

Innovation breeds innovation

Our work in additive manufacturing our own tooling inserts in-house has been well documented, and Dietanic has been a big part of our research in that field. It enables us to advance our knowledge by showing us what is happening to the water in different diameter water channels. We can then experiment with creative water circuit designs to achieve optimum results.

Bringing it all together

We have long been in the business of making ‘impossible parts’, and this continuous drive for innovation is a big part of what enables us to keep our place as industry leaders. Ultimately, Dietanic helps us to achieve a superior quality casting. It is just one of the many innovative methods we use to develop our process in order to make improvements for our customers.

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An example of cooling in die casting

The innovative cooling solution from CastAlum: Dietanic