The People of CastAlum

Continuing our employee interview series, our Project Engineer, Paul Evans, tells us what it’s like to work in engineering at CastAlum.

Paul Evans has worked at CastAlum for twenty years after transferring his apprenticeship from another local company. Here’s his advice for anyone looking for a career in engineering!

“I was first attracted to CastAlum due to the high level of automation used within the foundry. Each cell is clean, well-organised, and uses multiple robots throughout the die casting process.

I started as an apprentice toolmaker in August 2002, and when the company expanded in 2004 I had the opportunity to join the engineering team, where I now work as a Project Engineer.

I most enjoy the variation of the work from day to day. At the initial stage of a new project we carry Design For Manufacture (DFM) on the products, which includes casting design, development, and simulation analysis. But I also work with external suppliers on new die casting tooling, to ensure that new products lines are in on time and meet both budgetary requirements and our customer’s specifications.

The engineering team is involved in multiple aspects of the foundry’s operations, and as such we’re constantly looking to improve casting output and quality in any way we can. There’s always new challenges and opportunities for growth and development.

Most recently, CastAlum has launched multiple new products at once, and this has been the project I’ve been most proud to work on during my time here. I managed four of the new projects including the development of the castings, dies, and ancillary equipment. It’s great to be able to walk onto the factory floor and see the results of our labour!

To anyone looking to join the team or get started in engineering, my advice would be to ask for help or advice if you need it! There’s always more to learn, and getting to know your work colleagues, as well as the nuts and bolts of what makes the business works, is an essential part of personal development.”

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Paul Evans - Project Engineer

Paul Evans
Project Engineer