Die Casting Spray Robot Package from Wollin

On our last two die casting cell installations, we have partnered with Wollin for their excellent spray robot package.

During our history, we have utilised a range of robotic solutions in various processes to maximise our capabilities. An incredibly important installation for us is the spray robot, which is placed above the fixed die half, and has the job of spraying a water-based product to the tool before every cycle to ensure the casting is released cleanly from the mould and the tool is cooled down to the optimum operating temperature.

Recently, we have utilised the technology available from Wollin, who provide a complete spray robot package. This includes everything from the release agent supply unit down to the robot spray tool designed specifically for our product range.

This gives us several advantages. Notably it allows us to ensure a consistent die lubricant mixing and control, a custom-built spray tool for reduced cycle times, and high-quality spray characteristics.

In addition, a helpful aspect of the package from Wollin is the complete control over the process that is afforded to our engineering team. This enables our technicians to precisely program the robot to perform functions unique to each part’s requirements.

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The Wollin Spray Robot Package in situ on our latest die casting cell!