Case Study: Non-Automotive Heatsink

We have produced a wide array of different die cast components over the years, including this non-automotive part for a local customer. Read on to find out how we did it!

CastAlum is well-known for our expertise within the automotive industry, but the skills that we have amassed over the past few decades have proven themselves useful to other industries as well!

We were approached in 2021 by a local company to produce this large heatsink for their assembly. Their existing supplier had become insolvent, and speed was of the essence. We were able to transfer the tooling, and convert it to our specification, ready for production.

In just eight weeks, we were providing samples to the customer, ready for testing on their production line. This was no mean feat and only possible due to the outstanding efforts of our team, supported by our highly-valued suppliers.

An important part of this project was the in-house development of thermal controls within the production process. This allowed us to produce the thin walls required on these non-automotive heatsinks.

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This part was transferred from an insolvent supplier with converted tooling in just eight weeks!