The People of CastAlum – Die Casting Employee Interview

Continuing our die casting employee interview series, Greg Howe, walks us through his journey from die casting apprenticeship to Training and Development Manager!

Greg Howe has been part of the team here at Castalum for around sixteen years and recently took on the role of Training and Development Manager. In this die casting employee interview, he shares more about his time with the company and his advice for anyone considering joining the team!

Here’s what Greg has to say:

“I still remember my first tour of the foundry when I applied for my apprenticeship. The sheer amount of automation that is integral to the die casting process here at CastAlum is so impressive. As that was a key area of interest for me I was allowed to get heavily involved with that in all the roles I’ve held here which has been interesting.

I started out as an apprentice and had time in each of the departments. The process department was where I felt most at home as I enjoyed working on the robotics. They saw something in me and so took me on as a Process Technician. I was then promoted to Process Engineer where I got to run my own shift. I’ve now taken on the role of Training and Development Manager which has challenged me in new ways!

My favourite part of my role is working with the people here at CastAlum. Everyone is always willing to help or offer advice so I’d just like to thank all of the people and the company. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!

I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of fixing something. That was true when I was working in process engineering, and it’s still the case now as I’ve moved into a managerial position.

To anyone getting started at CastAlum, my advice is to be open to learning new things. There’s always more to learn, and whatever you’re doing, just try your best!”

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Die Casting Employee Interview - Greg Howe - Training and Development Manager - CastAlum

Greg Howe
Training and Development Manager