Die Casting Insert Innovation

Die casting inserts are a useful way to achieve product features that would otherwise be technically unfeasible.

Over the years, we have successfully utilised inserts for a variety of products in the automotive sector. In addition, our investment in multiple aspects of the foundry, from toolmaking to machining, has enabled us to better develop and hone this capability to its full potential.

Why use an insert in die casting?

Historically, die cast parts would have required an expensive and time-consuming machining process to comply with certain elements of product design. Achieving the desired result in the die casting process has multiple benefits for the rest of the supply chain and final customer.

  • It results in an overall reduction of mass, thereby lessening the risk of defects such as shrinkage porosity.
  • Environmental impact is reduced as less mass means less weight is transported along the supply chain.
  • Reducing the required amount of machining reduces cycle time and increases tool life.

Our investment in our in-house toolmaking capabilities mean that we are now able to design and manufacture our own inserts ourselves. This results in greater flexibility and quicker corrective actions during product development.

Automating the insert insertion

Each of our die casting cells are fully automated, and so processing the insertion and removal of the insert during the casting process was essential for us to utilise this technology. Our cells use a bespoke conveyor system, which is used by the extract robot to ‘drop off’ a used insert and ‘pick up’ a new one ready for the next cycle!

Finally, we have developed several management processes around our use of inserts to ensure they meet dimensional requirements and are continually maintained. This ensures that each insert is ready for use in production, and we can be confident that each insert will produce a consistent result.

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Die casting inserts on a CastAlum conveyor

Inserts on a CastAlum designed and built conveyor system