The People of CastAlum – Die Casting Operator Interview

This month we have an interview with one of our die casting operators: Dave Andrew! Here’s his story of his time with CastAlum so far.

Dave joined CastAlum over a year ago with no previous experience in the die casting industry. Here’s what he has to say about his time working for CastAlum so far.

“I applied to work at CastAlum because I wanted to learn more skills. I knew I would be able to build on what I was learning and progress my career here. There are many ways to ‘work your way up the ladder’ and I wanted that opportunity to challenge myself.

My favourite part of the role is problem solving. I like understanding how to take rectify issues that crop up. It’s also been eye-opening to learn how different parts are made and the quality standards that needs to be reached.

I’m proud to have been the first person to get 100% in the operator training test. Since then, I have already completed crane training and been given the opportunity to learn new skills from other employees. This may include assisting material handlers, furnace operators, and helping engineers with the die changes.

If you’re interested in working in die casting, I’d advise you to go in with an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. And just try your best, no one can ask for more.”

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Dave Andrew Die Casting Operator at CastAlum

Dave Andrew
Die Casting Operator Interview