Digging a Pit for the new Die Casting Cell

We’re awaiting delivery of our new die casting cell from Buhler Prince in January 2022, but before it arrives, we captured a timelapse of the pit being dug!

Our die casting machines are placed in a pit for three reasons:

  1. Any lubrications, such as those used on the dies themselves, are contained and so do not end up on the floor, so good for housekeeping and implementing our 5S practices! The pits are sealed to form a sump so there can be no leakage of any liquid through the concrete.
  2. Given the height of the machines, if they weren’t sunk down into the ground, they would be significantly harder to maintain from a health and safety perspective.
  3. In a similar vein, if the machines were any higher, the buildings would need a higher roof to allow the cranes to go over them.

The machine from Buhler Prince that we are expecting to be delivered in January 2022 weighs over 130 tonnes! Hence why there is so much steel and concrete involved in digging the pit and making it secure.

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