Additive Manufacturing in Die Casting

We are pleased to announce that our Additive Manufacturing facility is up and running! We have an AM 400 machine from Renishaw in here in Welshpool, Mid Wales.

The printer will be producing ‘Tool Steel’ inserts for our casting tools. The ‘3D’ printing process allows our design engineers to cool the castings much more efficiently, reducing cycle times and scrap rates.

How we plan to use additive manufacturing in die casting

The new technology will play a key role in meeting the world class quality standards for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles of the future. For more information you can read our previous post about being featured by ‘Swarf and Chips’ on how this technology can be used to revolutionise your industry!

Our journey in this innovative space has just begun, and we can’t wait to continue putting this technology to better use in supporting our existing die casting and machining capabilities.