Our Components

We’re proud to have contributed to the UK’s manufacturing heritage over the past twenty years. Our constant drive to implement new innovations to aluminium die casting, machining, and secondary operations has ensured that we continue to hold our place as a trusted supplier.

Hydraulic Steering Gear Housings

Since 2001, the Welshpool site has produced over ten million hydraulic steering gear housings, using our enhanced High Pressure Diecasting processes. These complex housings are required to be of an extremely high integrity and leak-free after extensive machining.

Mechanical Steering Gear Housings

Since 2007, we have seen a significant shift to Mechanical from Hydraulic steering gear systems. This shift has largely taken place in the smaller cars segments, such as the Fiat 500 and Ford KA. CastAlum has embraced this movement and now produces 700,000 gear housings per year for this market. As with the traditional Hydraulic Gear Housings, these parts are produced by our vacuum-assisted High Pressure Diecasting Process.

EPAS (Electronically Power Assisted Steering) Gear Housings

Whereas the small car sector has turned to mechanical steering gears, the large car sectors and the higher-performance sectors have turned to EPAS. CastAlum has secured major contracts for the supply of EPAS housings at annual volumes in excess of 600,000 housings per year. These parts will be supplied in the fully machined condition from the Welshpool site.

Power Take-Off Units (PTU’s)

CastAlum produces in excess of 250,000 sets of PTU castings per year, using the indirect squeeze casting process . Each set consists of a case and cover casting, which together house the drive mechanisms for 4-wheel drive mode in on-road and off-road vehicles.

Transmission Cases

In 2009, Castalum invested in a 1600 tonne High Pressure Diecasting cell and CNC machining centres for the manufacture of transmission cases at an annual volume of 200,000 per year.

Steering & Suspension Knuckles

CastAlum manufactures aluminium steering and suspension knuckles for high-performance vehicles. Traditionally these parts were cast or forged in iron or steel, for the strength and durability that is required. However, our Squeeze Cast process is able to meet all of the demanding property requirements for these components whilst offering the design flexibility and weight-saving benefits of an aluminium casting.


Apart from our work in the automotive industry, our manufacturing expertise has proved itself useful in other applications and industries as well. We have provided feasibility consultations and produced parts for several leading UK brands looking to take advantage of the in-house engineering skills we combine with our casting, machining, and secondary operations.